What It’s Like to Cry A Lot and Tear Up at Things You Shouldn’t Tear Up At

I have always been an emotional person.

My mum likes to say “Creative people feel things more deeply.”

I like to say “Bipolar disorder makes people feel things more deeply.”

Either way, the point is the same; I have serious emotional reactions to everything. I cry when I’m sad, I cry when I’m mad, I cry when I’m frustrated, I cry when I’m happy, I cry for no reason. This is both a blessing and a curse.

First, the cons of crying a lot:

  • I constantly feel vulnerable and afraid, because I know the smallest thing could start the stream of tears
  • I am nervous to watch movies with people because there is a 99.999% chance I will cry.  There is no such thing as a pretty crier.
  • When I am frustrated I cry, which makes me even more frustrated.
  • I am afraid that my emotionalness is annoying to my friends.
  • Sometimes I start crying and I can’t figure out why.
  • My Grandmother was very religious and went to church pretty much every week of her life. My parents did not raise me religious. Recently I have been participating in more church activities because I am part of a super cool youth group that a few of my friends introduced me to. I have never gone to church without crying.
  • Sometimes I am so affected by a movie or book that the day after I read/watch it I can’t function properly and break into random bursts of crying.
  • There are plenty more but I don’t really feel like writing it all


Now the pros:

  • I am able to better understand other people when they are crying.
  • After an incident in church where a friend of a friend had to pass me tissues (that for some reason he just happened to have), I have become better at being prepared for similar situations.
  • Tears are apparently really good for one’s skin.
  • If needed, I could probably cry on command in an emergency situation.
  • Apparently, crying reduces blood pressure.
  • Crying means I’m human


As I’m sure you can see, there are more cons than pros.

I mentioned before and in the title of this post that I also tear up at things I shouldn’t tear up.

  • When it’s cold out, my eyes water like crazy. I am aware that this happens to most people, however, it’s usually just a few little drops for other people. I end up with tears just streaming down my face. It’s pretty intense.
  • Bright lights make my eyes tear up. Car headlights coming toward me at night, flashlights pointed at me, turning the light to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You get the gist.
  • Loud noises. A heavy door slamming, a car honking, concerts.
  • Wind/breeze/light movement of air


Obviously, there is no way I can actually make you feel what it’s like to cry a lot or have really teary eyes, but I can at least try to explain it. I hope this post helped you understand a little better (especially if you’re someone who doesn’t cry a lot.)



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P.S. Sorry this post is so late. I’m trying very hard to keep on schedule.