English Project: The Secret Goldfish

In my CP English class, we spent the month of January reading The Catcher in The Rye. Over February break my English teacher assigned us a creative writing project. There were other options besides writing (making a short play and performing, making a video, etc.) but the creative writing section stood out immediately. I saw one about halfway down the page that I was really drawn to.

If you’ve ever read The Catcher in The Rye, then you know that Holden’s (the main character) brother D.B. wrote a book called ‘The Secret Goldfish.’ It was filled with short stories. Holden’s favorite story was called ‘The Secret Goldfish.

The writing idea that my teacher had given was to write the story based on Holden’s summary in the beginning of the novel.

“It was about this little kid that wouldn’t let anybody look at his goldfish because he’d bought it with his own money.”

I also decided to write another short story, design a cover page and put it all into one of those essay cover things. However, I will not be sharing those.

Here is the story I wrote:


The Secret Goldfish

Not so long ago, in a small town south of San Diego, there was a little boy who had a pet goldfish. The boy had bought the goldfish on a Saturday afternoon after he got his weekly allowance. Because he had used his own money, the little boy wouldn’t let anyone see his goldfish.


On the Sunday morning after getting his goldfish, the little boy and his family went to church. He put the fish bowl on his closet shelf and shut the closet door, then closed his bedroom door too. He was afraid someone would peek in the window and see his fish.

When he and his family returned from church, he went straight up to his room to check on his goldfish. He watched the fish for an hour, fed the fish, then went downstairs for lunch. His mother made tomato soup and grilled cheese. After eating, the little boy went back to his room and sat watching his goldfish until dinner.


On the Monday after getting his goldfish, the little boy had cereal for breakfast. Then, after making sure his fish was locked in his closet, he went to school. At school he told everyone about his goldfish. He bragged about how pretty it was. Everyone asked if they could see his goldfish but he said no. He bought it with his own money, so nobody else could see it.

When he went home for lunch, he went to his room right away to check on his goldfish. He fed the goldfish, then went downstairs to eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich his mother had made him. After that, he went back to school. At school, his teacher read a book about a girl who had a pet dog. In the story, the girl lost the dog while playing with it. The boy went straight home after school and made sure his goldfish was packed away in the furthest part of his closet.


On the Tuesday after getting his goldfish, the little boy woke up feeling sick. He stayed in bed all day, with the exception of getting up to go to the bathroom and feed his goldfish. His mother brought him breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, and dinner in bed.

When his father got home from work, he came to the little boy’s room and asked to see the goldfish. He was trying to get the little boy to feel better, but the little boy got angry instead. He shouted at his father to leave his room and ran protectively to his closet door.


On the Wednesday after getting his goldfish, the little boy woke up feeling much better. He was sent off to school with a note to his teacher saying he was going to be dismissed early for a dentist appointment.

After his dentist appointment, the little boy’s mother took him to ice cream. He got chocolate on a cone. When he got home, he fed his fish, then went to the big field at the end of his street to play baseball with his friends.


On the Thursday after getting his goldfish, the little boy woke up late. His mother was sick, and his father had forgotten to wake him up. He had no time to check on his goldfish, or even to have breakfast. The little boy had to run to school, and arrived out of breath.

The little boy didn’t go home for lunch, because his mother was still not feeling well. Instead, he stayed at school with his teacher. She gave him half of her ham and cheese sandwich, and bought him a soda from the vending machine down the hall.

When he finally did go home, he was surprised to see that his cousins had arrived from out of state. He spent the entire afternoon playing with his youngest cousin, who was no more than a year younger than him. The cousin had heard about the little boy’s goldfish, and asked to see it. He said no. He bought it with his own money, so nobody else could see it. The cousin started crying, and ran off to tell his mother that the little boy was being mean. The little boy’s mother demanded that he show his cousin his goldfish. He finally gave in and led the younger boy up to his room. He opened the closet door and reached in to pull out the bowl. The little boy was extremely surprised at what he saw. His goldfish was floating upside down in the water. It was dead. The little boy was devastated. He ran to his mother and asked why his fish died. His mother asked the little boy if he had been feeding his goldfish and he told her that he fed it every day. The poor boy didn’t know that a goldfish must be fed two to three times a day.
On the Friday after getting his goldfish, the little boy asked his father if he could get a new goldfish with his allowance the next day. His father said no, because the little boy couldn’t even keep his first goldfish alive for a week. The little boy cried all day, but by the time Sunday came around, he had forgotten all about a new goldfish and was determined to get a dog.


This was my favorite school project I have ever been assigned. I hope you liked my story, and I hope I got a good grade, as I haven’t checked yet.



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